Company History

Fabcor is much more than just a standard sheet metal fabrication company….
Fabcor was formed in 2003 by merging the capabilities of two premier Orange County businesses: Applied Material Technologies, Inc. (AMT) and Strever Assembly and Fabrication (SAF).
AMT started in 1985 as an engineering design and testing company. AMT’s client list included  AIR FORCE, ARMY, BOEING, JPL, TRW and many other aerospace and defense organizations. AMT is currently the parent company to FABCOR and continues engineering and design work in support of metal fabrication projects.
SAF was a premier sheet metal fabrication house in Orange County for 27 years, with expertise in Aerospace, electronics, and the medical industry. The SAF staff was very experienced and knowledgeable with regards to metal fabrication and assembly methods/techniques. By merging the capabilities of these 2 companies, a unique company, offering state of the art manufacturing supported by an engineering staff capable of solving challenging metal fabrication projects was formed.
We offer: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Assembly, Design, Engineering, CNC Punching, Welding, Aluminum Spot Welding, Sheering, Forming & Rolling, Machining, Drilling & Tapping and Rolling